Business and Procurement

UAC’s Business and Procurement team is here to assist researchers and their business units in facilitating the operational processes related to animal research. This includes ordering, importing and/or exporting animals, ordering some specific types of supplies and invoicing for per diem and other services associated with the care of your animals. 

University Animal Care uses Cayuse for our animal management system and iLab for billing. Unfortunately, the two systems are not connected so any account changes must be made to both. To request account changes in Cayuse, click here to access our form. To make changes in iLab, you will need to work with your business office. Questions regarding billing and accounts should be directed to

We perform a rate study every two years following FSO and NIH requirements. Our rate study follows the NIH’s Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities. This manual allows us to determine the true operational costs and helps us look for efficiencies. Our rates are based on the actual operating costs that go into each service we provide. 

If UAC determines rate increases are needed, we will give the research community at least 60 days’ notice. We advise that when working on budgets you anticipate a 3% increase each year.  To view our current rates, visit our Investigator Resources section If you would like more information about our rates and how they are calculated, please reach out to UAC’s business manager at  

All animal orders must go through Cayuse and only our procurement group is allowed to order animals. This is to ensure animal welfare and the biosecurity of our facilities. Orders from our approved sources do not require quarantine. All orders must be placed by Tuesday for delivery the following week. Animal arrival and put away is dependent on the vendor and the PI is notified once the animals are housed. For more information, please visit our Investigator Resources section

The Non-Approved Source (NAS) process consists of the University of Arizona investigators (PI) requesting to import and export live animals from either non-approved vendors or collaborative educational institutions.  It is a multi-layered and complex process comprised of verifying PI research information, obtaining approval for animal transfers both to and from the U of A, ensuring animal welfare and institutional biosecurity, and following all federal and state regulatory guidelines for the transportation of animals.

More information can be found in our Investigator Resources section under Animal Ordering and Animal Transfers

UAC Procurement processes all animal transfers. We require a 48 business hour notice before transfers can take place and we don’t transfer animals on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. The types of transfers that go through the procurement office are: 

  • Protocol transfer - animals are moving from one protocol to another, they may or may not be moving room/facility.
  • Inter-facility transfer - animals are moving from one facility to another.
  • Intra-facility transfer - animals are moving from one room to another within the same facility.

To request a transfer, click here to access the form. More information on the various transfers and processes can be found in our Investigator Resource section

Most veterinary supplies and drugs may be ordered directly from vendors through Arizona BuyWays in UAccess Financials. You may also order drugs, along with items that require veterinary prescriptions, through UAC by emailing

University Animal Care does not order DEA-controlled drugs for researcher groups. PI's are required by the University to obtain their own DEA registration for procurement and proper storage of controlled drugs. Contact for more information on this process.

For more information, please visit our Investigator Resources section

If you have questions, or would like more information about our services, contact us at:

Animal Procurement Office

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