University Animal Care

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Animal Ordering

Animals from a number of approved commercial vendors can be imported directly into UAC facilities. Ordering from approved animal vendors is a streamlined process through eSirius3G. Once your order has been placed in eSirius3G, the UAC Procurement Office makes the necessary arrangements with the vendor and UAC Husbandry staff for the shipping, receipt, and housing of your animals.

Click here to view information on our Mouse Pathogen Surveillance Program.

Approved Animal Vendors

Information on large animal vendors is available upon request.

Ordering animals through eSirius3G

  • You must be listed on a protocol in order to access eSirius.
  • To order animals, you must have access to the animal ordering module. For detailed instructions, click here to access our Purchasing Animals in eSirius3G presentation.
  • If it’s your first time using eSirius, we recommend scheduling an eSirius training session with the Procurement Office. Contact to schedule a training session.


  • Animal orders for delivery the following week must be entered into eSirius3G by Tuesday evening.
  • Due to vendor requirements, NCI/NIA orders must be entered into eSirius3G by Monday evening.
  • Orders must be cancelled no later than 8 a.m. on Thursday. You must contact the Procurement Office via email or phone to cancel an order.
  • Delivery dates are subject to vendor availability. If the vendor is unable to fulfill the order by the date requested, you will be notified.