Clinical and Surgical Services

The Clinical and Surgical Services section of University Animal Care provides investigators with high quality clinical and surgical veterinary services, technical support, and training to assist in accomplishing research goals. Our team is comprised of UAC veterinarians and technical personnel and we are here to ensure the health and well-being of research animals by performing, or overseeing, medical surveillance, treatment, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative progress.

Clinical services include providing personnel to assist in research projects on a fee basis. A veterinarian and/or veterinary technician makes daily rounds and performs treatments during the week in all centralized animal facilities. Rounds, in conjunction with observations and reports from animal care technicians, ensure appropriate veterinary care and health monitoring for all animals on campus.

Per diem's include the Preventive Medicine Program (as applicable based on species):

  1. Biannual physical exams, diagnostics, dental work, and vaccinations (NHPs)
  2. Annual physical exams, diagnostics, and vaccinations (USDA covered species)
  3. Spontaneous disease and emergency care
  4. Daily veterinary staff rounds
  5. Medical records and archive

Surgical support includes anesthesia, surgical assistance or performance, and analgesia (surgical pain management). We also maintain and coordinate the use of the experimental surgery suites located within the centralized animal facilities. UAC provides anesthesia machines, large animal monitoring equipment, heating pads, and IV pumps.  We use two methods of sterilization: autoclaves and gas. 

Surgical services provided to research staff are:

  1. Surgical Support
    1. Anesthesia and monitoring
    2. Performance or assistance with surgical procedures 
  2. Sterile surgery suites
  3. Non-sterile procedure rooms
  4. Fluoroscopy and Radiology procedures
  5. Post-op recovery
  6. Necropsy room