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All persons requesting access to UAC centralized animal facilities who will be working in a mouse room whether the mice are housed in IVC or conventional cages must complete the IACUC mandated hands on MI certification course prior to access being granted. UAC provides customized MI training for individuals based on their needs, the type of caging being used to house their animas, whether the rooms they will be in are sterile or standard, and breeding procedures if needed.

Registering for MI training

  • You must be listed on an approved IACUC protocol. 
    • It could take a few days from when the personnel amendment paperwork is submitted and when you become active on the protocol.
    • This could be delayed if IACUC required trainings have not been completed (i.e. CITI training). Visit the IACUC website for information on training requirements. 
  • Once you have been added to the protocol, contact the UAC Husbandry Technologists at
    • Make sure that you provide your name, the PI name, and protocol number in the body of your email.

View and download our MI Training Packet.

Once training is completed, you are required to complete a training checklist certifying you have received the proper training and fully grasp each process. PIs are responsible for monitoring the training and abilities of the individuals they supervise. UAC personnel are charged with the authority to observe and document failures to obey the MI procedures.


All individuals who will be working with animals exposed to hazards and/or hazarous substances are required to complete the UAC Hazards Training.  To schedule this, email