Health Monitoring Program

Necropsy Profiles for Rodent & Rabbit Health Monitoring

Content of profiles is subject to change based on the letter designation and health status of the room.

Comprehensive Rodent Necropsy Profile

Gross necropsy
Serology (comprehensive for each species)
Microbiology (nasopharyngeal, cecal cultures)
Parasitology (tape test, subgross pelage, subgross cecal contents, direct duodenal, cecal smears)
PCR (Mice: Helicobacter, MNV, NAS only: add MPV; Rats: Helicobacter)
Histopathology (target organs for each species plus lesioned organs)

Clinical Rodent Necropsy Profiles

Gross necropsy
Serology (clinical profile for each species)
Parasitology (tape test, subgross pelage, and subgross cecal contents)
PCR (Mice: Helicobacter and MNV; Rats: Helicobacter)
Histopathology (lesioned organs only)



  • Clinical: MHV, MVMp, MPV-1, EDIM, TMEV (GDVII), M. pulmonis, MNV
  • Comprehensive: add Sendai, PVM, Reo-3, LCM, Ectromelia, Polyoma, MAD-1, MAD-2


  • Clinical: RCV/SDAV, Parvo rNS1, M. pulmonis
  • Comprehensive: add Sendai, PVM, Reo-3, LCM, Hantaan, TMEV, MAD-1


  • Clinical: Sendai, LCM, Tyzzer’s
  • Comprehensive: add SV5, PVM, Ecuni, Reo3

Guinea pig

  • Basic: Sendai, PVM, LCM, Tyzzer’s, Ecuni, PI3
  • Comprehensive: add SV5, GPCMV

Target Organs

Mouse/Gerbil: lung, trachea, liver, kidney, GI tract
Rat: lung, trachea, liver, kidney, urinary bladder, GI tract, salivary glands, Harderian glands
Hamster: pelage, lung, liver, kidney, GI tract
Guinea pig: lung, liver, kidney, GI tract, skeletal muscle, salivary glands

Rabbit Profiles

Clinical (3x/year): Ecto- and endoparasites (pelage, fecal float, fecal direct)
Comprehensive (1x/year): add nasopharyngeal and fecal culture, serology for E.cuniculi, Tyzzer’s, Treponema, ROTA, CAR bacillus

Mouse Rederivation Profiles

Clinical necropsy