Breeding Services

University Animal Care's Husbandry staff offer a wide variety of breeding services to assist research teams with their colony needs. These services are outside of our per diem rates and include:

Colony maintenance

(technician time charges apply)

  • Maintain breeding colony size and production to meet investigator specified parameters.
  • Filling out and submitting new requests for cage cards.
  • Colony inventories and database maintenance. 
  • Culling retired breeders.
  • Enhanced colony notifications such as detailed weaning reports, the number of pregnant animals, and notices of animals born.
  • Weighing of animals.
  • Special requests.

Setting up Breeders 

(cage split fees apply to each new cage set up)

  • This includes filling out breeding cards and conditioning males for re-derivation breeding.

Separating Breeders

(cage split fees apply to each new cage set up)

  • Removing the male and/or female from breeding cages


(weaning fees charged for each new cage generated)