University Animal Care

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Per Diem Rate Schedule

The following per diem rates reflect the cost for the daily care and housing of laboratory animals and charges for technical assistance. Per diems cover these basic services: feed, water, bedding, health and QA monitoring, cage changes (biweekly), cleaning and sanitation, equipment, supplies, and facility maintenance. This fee is charged every day for each animal or cage of animals housed by University Animal Care. Per diem charges for animal care begin on the day the animals arrive. Per diem rates on animals born in the animal facility usually begin on the day animals are weaned.

Per Diem by Species External Rates
Calf $31.18
Calf (service only) $9.30
Cat $12.53
Chicken (per room) $25.43
Dog $27.97
Ferret $9.32
Fish Rack $44.16
Frog Tank $2.72
Gerbil - standard $1.64
Gerbil - biohazard $2.13
Guinea Pig $6.89
Hamster - standard $2.82
Hamster - biohazard $3.64
Mouse - standard $0.92
Mouse - sterile $1.04
Mouse - biohazard $1.41
Pig $19.06
Primate $35.24
Rabbit $4.74
Rat - standard $1.63
Rat - sterile $1.92
Rat - biohazard/NAS $3.96
Reptile $9.06
Sheep $19.86
Songbird (per room) $13.17