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Pathology Services Rates

Additional testing is available.  Please contact the laboratory for more information and prior to sample submission at (520) 626-7661 or

Necropsy Hematology
Comprehensive Rodent Necropsy Profile CBC w/Differential $36.84
Mouse (non-approved source) $464.34 Hematocrit/PCV $12.28
Rat (non-approved source) $447.45
Clinical Rodent Necropsy Profile $98.24 Blood Chemistry
Comprehensive Profile (12 tests) $73.68
Histopathology Clinical Profile (6 tests) $36.84
H&E Slide Prep $18.57 Electrolyte Panel (Na, K, Cl) $23.03
Slide Prep, Unstained (from tissue) 12.28 Individual Test $12.89
Slide Prep, Unstained (from block) $5.36
Slide Prep, IHC $16.89  
Special Stain Slide Prep $16.89
Slide Interpretation (per side) $32.82
Decalcification $11.51
PCR Pathology Sample Handling
Assays are available for numerous rodent pathogens and panels can be requested to screen biological materials for viral and mycoplasmal contamination. Shipping & Handling (per sample) $11.51
Single assay cost $75.98
Mouse IMPACT Panel (16 agents) $614.00
Rat IMPACT Panel (13 agents) $614.00