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Pathology Services Rates

Please contact the Laboratory prior to sample submission at (520) 626-7661 or

Necropsy Hematology
Comprehensive Rodent Necropsy Profile CBC w/Differential $30.70
       Mouse (non-approved
$422.13 Hematocrit $12.28
       Rat (non-approved
$406.78 Blood Smear $4.61
       Mouse or Rat $337.70 Reticulocyte Count $12.28
Clinical Rodent Necropsy Profile Fecal Occult Blood $7.78
       Mouse or Rat $98.24 Bone Marrow Cytology* $76.75
Rederivation Profile
       Mouse $268.62 Microbiology
Gross Necropsy Only Aerobic Culture $33.77
       Rodents $33.77 Microaerophilic Culture $33.77
       Small animals
       (rabbits, birds, reptiles)
$115.13 Andibiotic Sensitivity $25.33
       Large animals
       (dogs, cats, pigs)
$236.39 Blood Culture $69.08
Gram Stain $9.21
Histopathology Slide Exam $15.35
H&E Slide Prep (from tissue) $16.89
Slide Prep, Unstained (from tissue) $12.28 Parasitology
Slide Prep, Unstained (from block) $5.36 Fecal Flotation $18.42
Slide Prep, IHC $16.95 Direct Fecal Smear $18.42
Slide Interpretation (per slide) $30.70 Tape Impression Test $12.28
Special Stain Slide Prep $15.35 Skin Scraping $15.35
Decalcification $11.51 Subgross Exam of Pelt or Cecal Contents $12.28
Serology Real-Time RCR and RT-PCR Assays
Comprehensive Rodent Profile Assays are available for rodent viral pathogens (21 agents), rodent Helicobacter spp.Past. pneumotropicaMycoplasma pulmonis, and Pneumocystis carinii. Panels of assays (IMPACT tests) can be requested to screen biological materials for viral and mycoplasmal contamination.
       Mouse or Rat
      (non-approved source)
       Mouse or Rat $115.13
Clinical Rodent Profile Individual PCR Assay $69.08
       Mouse or Rat $61.40 Mouse IMPACT Panel (16 agents) $614.00
Ehrlichia* $53.73 Rat IMPACT Panel (13 agents) $614.00
Babesia* $53.73
Cercopithicine Herpesvirius 1 (Herpes B)* $27.63 LiquiChip Assay Platform
Coccidiodes immitis* $38.38 LiquiChip Kit Preparation (per hour) $61.40
Heartworm Antigen* $24.56 Plate Analysis (per plate) $614.00
Tick-borne Disease Panel* $110.52
Hourly Rates
Blood Chemistry Research Specialist $61.40
Comprehensive Profile (12 tests) $61.40 Pathologist $230.25
Clinical Profile (6 tests) $30.70 Photomicroscopy $191.88
Electrolyte Panel (Na, K, CI) $23.02
Individual Test $10.75 Pathology Sample Handing
Shipping & Handling (per sample) $11.51
Urinalysis w/Sediment Exam $23.02 Miscellaneous Testing or Supplies
Contact the lab for more information.

* An additional handling charge of $5.00 per animal will be applied when ordering one or more of these tests.