University Animal Care

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Clinical and Surgical Services Rates

(Does not include pharmacy charges or UAC staff time.)

Procedure Room Fee - Extensive use


Procedure Room Fee - Minimal use


Surery Room Fee - Large Animal


Surgery Room Fee - Small Animal


Imaging Usage Fee (C-Arm, X-Ray, Ultrasound)

$103.15 per hour

Anesthesia/Iso/Machine Use

$12.89 per hour

Sterilization - Instruments/Gas/ETO

$35.46 per hour

Veterinary Staff Time
Labor costs will be charged by the hour with a 15 minute minimum.



Veterinarian (after hours)


Veterinary Research Technician


Veterinay Research Technician (after hours)


Scheduled Procedure After Hours Fee (5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., weekends, and holidays)
Procedures may require technician assistance, determined at the discretion of UAC veterinarians


External Veterinary Consult (Non-UAC)

Market price of external party

Other Services
Does not include veterinary staff time or pharmacy fees.

Research Assistance
Injections, biological sampling, IDs: ear tag, ear punch, toe clipping (including supplies)

$17.73 per animal/per day

(does not include Pathology Services fees, pharmacy fees, or per diem costs)

Training or Other Procedures

Please inquire
(rates will not include Pathology Services fees or per diem costs)

Additional Items 

Anesthesia - Isoflurane Bottle


Instrument Pack - Large 


Instrument Pack -Small


Supply Pack - Large


Supply Pack - Small


Freight Charges - Misc. Surgery Services


Cost + 53.5% + 6% Administrative Surcharge