About Business & Procurement

The Animal Procurement Office is responsible for a variety of processes that relate to making sure PIs and their research teams have the animals they need for their approved biomedical protocols, where and when they need them. These processes include:

  • Ordering animals from approved commercial vendors

  • Importing animals from non-approved sources (other institutions)

  • Exporting animals to other institutions

  • Transferring animals to other facilities, rooms, and/or protocols

The Business Office is available to answer questions about rates, invoices, and account information.

If you have questions,or would like more information about our services, contact us at:

Animal Procurement Office Business Office
animalprocurement@list.arizona.edu uacbilling@list.arizona.edu
(520) 626-7426
(520) 626-4511
(520) 626-7874
(520) 626-6702