University Animal Care

Compassion for Animals, Hope for People

Animal Ordering

The rates below are associated with animal orders.  These rates do not include the price of animals.

Animal Orders Cost plus 53.5%
Approved Vendor Order Fee (per order) $41.45
Non-approved Vendor Fee (per order) $406.78
Non-approved Vendor Fee, International (per order) $983.94
Non-approved Freight $767.50
Small Animal Set-up Fee ^  (per animal) $2.36
Medium Animal Set-up Fee ~ (per animal) $25.79
Large Animal Set-up Fee + (per animal) $69.08
Card Access Fee $38.38
Shipping Supplies Cost plus 53.5%
University Use Tax 5.60%

^ Small animals include rodents and aquatic species.
~ Medium animals include rabbits, ferrets and felines.
+ Large animals include dogs, primates and farm animals.